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Long Time Reader first time writer

I got to say im not really a female vampire...ok maybe its half true but i do love them. Especially their ability to...suck *wink* But they cant blow worth a damn. 32 stitches man.

I look forward to making a lot of new posts.

Cya and until we meet again
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man shut up, im part vamp member, ima hybrid. or did u forget the incident on the bus. i think it was the best day of my life, i think. the only downside is that i turned out a make hybrid so yea have fun with that
How could i forget who you think controls the werewolf blood that flows within your veins.
i dont think it was jessica
Think Bigger and Blacker and i dont mean Chris Rock
uuuhh jackie chan??
that truly was randomnosity
i know thats y im still loved, Right???
mmm... I'm a PSI vamp. For those who are uneducated on vampire subculture, it means I feed off of life energy to stay healthy, not blood. Blood is only a fetish for me ;o
I beg to differ.